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Script Writing ServicesMotivational Marketing has over 25 years experience writing scripts for hundreds of inbound and outbound programs.  We provide script writing services for all programs implemented within our call center.  Motivational Marketing will also work with you to develop your scripts for your own internal use.  We have an extensive inventory of script templates targeting various b2b and b2c contacts for many different vertical markets.
A professionally developed script is imperative to the success of any program.  Our script writers are experienced and utilize a customized process to obtain the information we need and translate that information into an effective call guide.  Our scripts also include feature/benefit and objection/rebuttal guides to assist the Phone Agents with prospect questions throughout the call process.  We develop a strategy that highlights your competitive advantages, incorporates success stories and qualifying questions and details instructions for setting appointments, generating leads, securing sales and future follow-up opportunities. 

If you need assistance in developing your own script and would like a complimentary Scripting Consultation & Quotation, please click the following link:

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