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Office Equipment & Supplies Motivational Marketing specializes in developing and implementing outsourced Lead Generation and Customer Contact Programs for Office Technology Dealers and Resellers of consumables, such as ink and toner.  These cost effective programs are designed to leverage your in-house sales and marketing resources and are proven to protect and expand your customer base. 

Whether you are looking to reactivate inactive customers and update your database, find new business or increase your average order size per customer, Motivational Marketing can design, implement and manage a program to accomplish your objectives. 

So the question is …

  • Would you like to reactivate inactive accounts? Motivational Marketing can help you clean up your database of inactive customers.  We can design a program to call through your database to uncover those valuable lost or inactive customers who may be ordering from your competition.  We will determine why they left and how to get them back.  At the same time this effort will clean up, segment and rank this inactive database into defined categories in order to better allocate your sales and marketing resources to the right customers.
  • Are you interested in finding new customers? You need to be out there to win the business – timing is everything.  Motivational Marketing can design a proactive, cold call lead generation program targeting your marketplace.  These programs are designed to uncover qualified sales opportunities.
  • Do you want to protect and expand your existing customer base? The best way to quickly add to your bottom line revenues and profits is through your current customer base. 
    • Measure Customer Satisfaction - Motivational Marketing can design a soft-sell approach that initially gauges a customer’s satisfaction level. If the customer is dissatisfied, we document their issues and pass this information to you to proactively deal with them before they call the competition.  If their satisfaction level is acceptable, we can move on to accomplish any one or a combination of revenue generating call objectives. 
    • Cross-Sell/Up-Sell – A great time to introduce new/additional products and services is when a customer is providing you with positive feedback.  At this point we introduce monthly specials and/or other services and products they may not know are available through your company.
    • General Announcements – Introduce new products, changes in delivery schedules, billing or company processes and procedures.
    • Customer Referral – At the conclusion of each positive customer contact we introduce an incentive for customers to refer their associates within or outside of their organization.
  • Would you like to “Win-Back” lost customers? There are reasons why customers leave; some reasons are valid and some reasons are not.  It is important to learn why customers leave so you don’t make the same mistake again.  Just as important is determining what it will take to get the customer back or if you even want them back.  Motivational Marketing can design a Win-Back program to answer these questions & more.

If you would like a complimentary program consultation & quotation, please click the following link and submit your request. 

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