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Seminar & Event Attendance RecruitmentWhether your event is Web-based or live, Motivational Marketing has the experience and a successful track record to develop a program that will maximize attendance.  There are four primary components for insuring a successful turnout:

  1. Initial Tele-Recruitment Calling Process
    Motivational Marketing begins the initial recruitment calling process three to four weeks prior to each event (depends on contact level, geography, industry, etc.).  The specific call objective will be to speak with the target contact(s) to obtain/confirm their general contact information, review the features and benefits of attending the event and confirm whether they will attend

  2. Initial Electronic Confirmation/Fulfillment
    Motivational Marketing will e-mail or fax confirmation letters and materials to all contacts interested in attending.  Confirmation letters for the event as well as fulfillment information such as the invitation for those who require additional information before committing to attend will be programmed into our online script and this information will be sent out over our e-mail or fax servers in real-time after we hang up the phone.  This correspondence will contain your return e-mail address and phone number and will look like it is coming from your offices.

  3. Final Electronic Confirmation Process
    Motivational Marketing will e-mail or fax a final reminder to each attendee 1 - 5 business days prior to the event.

  4. Tele-Confirmation Process

    Motivational Marketing will call each attendee to confirm their attendance 1 – 5 business days prior to the event.  We will either speak with the contact directly or leave a detailed message confirming their attendance.  All messages left will include pertinent information regarding the event as well as a contact name at your company to call if they cannot attend or have questions.  

    The above process would be customized to the specific program based on several variables (i.e., target market, contact level, industry, the event itself, travel, etc.)

    If you are planning a live or Web-based event and would like a complimentary Recruitment Process Plan & Quotation, please click on the following link and submit your request. 

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