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The Client

The client is a division of a large publicly traded company.  They are the nations leading supplier of market intelligence and point of sale data to manufacturers of consumer products.  The data helps manufacturers determine their position against competitors and provides the necessary statistics to assist in meetings with retailers to fight for shelf space.  The Client’s only means of generating leads for their team of 8 inside Account Managers has been primarily through word of mouth, cold calling and client referrals.  The client has never outsourced their lead generation calling activity in the past.

The Program Objective

Develop and implement a cost effective and successful lead generation program that will provide the client and their team of inside sales representatives with a steady flow of qualified phone appointments. 

The Challenge

  • Over 50% of the management contacts within the targeted firms had never used point of sale data so we had to incorporate the necessary missionary sales tactics and information during the initial call.
  • In the beginning of the program, the initial "stick" rate of phone appointments generated by Motivational Marketing averaged 40% (4 out of 10 leads kept the initial phone appointment scheduled by Motivational Marketing for the client's Account Manager). Depending on the program and the client's service(s)/product(s) offering, Motivational Marketing's typical goal would be to achieve a minimum of a 60% stick rate on phone appointments and we were initially falling well shy of this mark.

The Solution

  • Motivational Marketing, with the assistance of the client, developed a winning script and training materials which provided our Phone Agents with all of the tools they need to educate and entice contacts to speak with the client's Account Manager.
  • Over the initial few months of the program, Motivational Marketing worked with the client to test several different versions of the script. In addition, we included a compelling offer for a complimentary report. This offer, positioned correctly over the phone, has high perceived value to the contact. Motivational Marketing positioned this "free offer" so that the contact understood the next call by the client's Account Manager was to gather the information necessary to prepare their report.
  • The client also developed collateral material which included a description of the offer and the benefits of this free report. Motivational Marketing has the ability to e-mail this information to any contact that requires additional information before committing to a phone appointment.
  • Motivational Marketing also instituted a process where by any phone appointments that the client's Account Manager could not contact after 2-3 attempts were sent back to Motivational Marketing to have our Phone Agents reschedule the Phone Appointment for the client.

The Results

  • The overall "stick" rate on kept appointments went from a low of 40% to an average of 70% - 80%.
  • Client has sold over $50,000 in contracts to date with an additional $40,000+ in contracts pending. They also generated an additional $25,000 in contracts that did not come to fruition. The total revenue value of contracts generated to date as a result of this lead program is well over $100,000.00. This initial contract value does not factor in the life time value of the customer and additional residual sales resulting from the initial sale.
  • The client is still actively working with Motivational Marketing.
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