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Inbound Call Center Capabilities

Inbound Call Center CapabilitiesMotivational Marketing provides inbound call center services on an outsourced basis using the web in a technologically advanced call center environment to assist our clients in attaining greater levels of loyalty, value and return with their customers and prospects. Because of our long history and expertise in designing custom inbound call center campaigns, we are confident in our ability to develop programs that offer revenue generating opportunities and service improvements.

Inbound Call Center Programs include

  • Customer personal profile updating (self, family, home, auto, etc.)
  • Customer complaint and issue resolution
  • Inquiry center services (Question & Answer)
  • Order talking
  • Up-selling initiatives
  • Subscription renewals
  • Reservations
  • Dealer location calls
  • Requests for maintenance support
  • Thank you and loyalty initiatives
  • Warranty calls

Motivational Marketing can provide the following list of reports from the ACD, both in real time and on a historical basis:

  • Total number of calls offered
  • Total number of calls handled
  • Total number of calls transferred
  • Total number of calls abandoned
  • Call Abandon data
  • Call Service Level
  • Total Talk Minutes
  • ATT (average talk time)
  • AWT (average wrap time
  • AHT (average handle time)

Motivational Marketing's New Jersey call center consists of 100 workstations. Motivational Marketing's Inbound IT/Telephony capabilities are as follows:

  • Automated call routing and menu selections offered in both English and Spanish
  • Digital recording and call monitoring capabilities
  • Live call transfer from any station to any phone number
  • Web access from all stations via t1, DSL
  • Pre-recorded automated messaging
  • Instant fulfillment of collateral materials initiated from any workstation via fax or email
  • Automated screen/script pops for inbound calls based on 800# dialed
  • Inbound call queue monitoring system
  • Available 800 toll free numbers for client campaigns

If you would like a complimentary program consultation & quotation, please click the following link and submit your request.

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