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Outbound Call Center Capabilities

Outbound Call Center Capabilities Motivational Marketing provides outbound call center services on an outsourced basis using the web in a technologically advanced call center environment to assist our clients in attaining greater levels of loyalty, value and return with their customers and prospects. Because of our long history and expertise in designing custom outbound call center campaigns, we are confident in our ability to develop programs that offer revenue producing opportunities.

Outbound Call Center Programs include

  • Lead Generation/Lead Nurturing
  • Telesales
    • New customer acquisition
    • Up-Sell/Cross-Sell
    • Subscription renewals
  • Seminar/Event Attendance Recruitment (Web and live events)
  • Order talking
  • Up-selling initiatives
  • Subscription renewals
  • New product(s)/service(s) launch
  • Reseller/Dealer recruitment
  • Database/List update
  • Customer/Prospect profiling
  • Pre/Post Trade Show

Motivational Marketing's New Jersey call center consist of 100 workstations. Motivational Marketing's Inbound IT/Telephony capabilities are as follows:

  • Digital recording (upon request)
  • Remote and on-site call monitoring capabilities
  • Live/Hot call transfer from any station to any phone number
  • Instant fulfillment of collateral materials initiated from any workstation via fax or email
  • Predictive Dialer

Motivational Marketing will provide you with all the key components to develop a successful outbound campaign including:

  • List research & acquisition
  • Script development
  • Electronic fulfillment
  • Lead distribution
  • Database management
  • Articulate trained and professional telesales agents and account management staff

Motivational Marketing monitors each program on an hourly basis to identify marketplace trends and continually refine our approach, thereby insuring quality and consistent results.

If you would like a complimentary program consultation & quotation, please click the following link and submit your request.

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